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Ghosts of Bronxville 2017 – An Amazing Family Event

On Friday, October 27, the Bronxville Historical Conservancy hosted the popular Ghosts of Bronxville event for it’s third run.  As the sun began to set, 225 Children from 1st through 7th grade, and their chaperones, embarked on an eerily realistic journey back in time.  On the tour, participants encountered five important “ghosts” from Bronxville’s history, many of them in their original dwelling.  Spectral figures appeared at five historic homes in town.  Participants moved along a pre-determined route, guided by a hand-drawn map and the light of a candle (safely, battery powered).   At each home, an actor donning period attire shared the story of his or her life in Bronxville during the late 19th Century (but with a very spooky bent).  Authentic antique props and unique backdrops painted by artist Marc Pollack transported the audience back in time. Apparitions, traditional harvest and Halloween games were all encountered along the route.

Following on a very successful partnership with Sarah Lawrence College in both previous productions, five graduate students from the Sarah Lawrence theatre department portrayed the ‘ghosts’ stationed at each home.  Co-chair Michelle McBride contributed, “The professionalism and skill demonstrated by the Sarah Lawrence actors made the audience suspend their disbelief.”  In addition, several talented Bronxville High School drama students portrayed historically accurate “apparitions” encountered along the route.

The Ghosts of Bronxville was a concept originated by the BHC Young Families Committee in 2013 to introduce the children of the village to the incredible history that surrounds them everyday.

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Mary Fairchild Tombstone

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Event Co-chairs:
  • Suzanne Pratt Davis
  • Michelle McBride
  • Erin Saluti
Junior Chairs:
  • Tina Adams
  • Saskia Martin
  • Lyndal Vermette
Committee 2017:
  • Hilary Blumenreich
  • Maree Cutaia
  • Cece Heraty
  • Emily Liggitt
  • Stafford Meyer
  • Jennifer Russo
  • Laura Van Tienhoven