A Romantic Mediterranean, 2007

The house at 279 Pondfield Road was built by Lewis Bowman in 1926 at the height of his success in Bronxville. The first owner was William J. Morden, an internationally renowned explorer and naturalist who hunted for and contributed many exotic animals to the exhibits at the American Natural History Museum in New York. In 1945 Morden sold the house to Russell McCandless and his wife, the socially and politically active Walker McCandless.

The McCandlesses enjoyed the house until 1963 when they sold it to Dr. George H. Lasky III, a long-standing and admired Bronxville dentist and his wife Ernestine.

While not known for his Mediterraneans, Bowman has captured here the essence of Spanish structures and tiled roofs. One can certainly appreciate the exterior beauty of this house with its myriad terraces and newly landscaped gardens that were re-graded to offer private and level green space for the active family of the twenty-first century.

Architect: Lewis Bowman

279 Pondfield Road
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