The Ghosts of Bronxville

The Popular ‘Ghosts of Bronxville’ Event

Ghosts of Bronxville

Come one, come all!
Gather close with lighted candle,
For upon us is a magical night!

The event was created by the BHC Young Families Committee in 2013 as a unique way to educate the children of the village about the incredible history that surrounds them every day. Participants will embark on a mysteriously realistic journey back in time. Along the way, they will encounter five important “ghosts” from Bronxville’s history, many of them in their original dwellings.

Participants will move along the winding yellow-brick roads, guided by the light of a (battery-powered) candle and a hand-drawn map by artist William Q. Dowling.

At each home, an actor dressed in period attire will spin a spooky tale of his or her life in Bronxville around the turn of the 19th century. Authentic antique props and moody backdrops will combine to create the eerie ambiance for which Ghosts of Bronxville has become known. Traditional harvest and Halloween games will be offered along the route to keep the children entertained between the ghostly encounters.

The event is open to Bronxville Historical Conservancy members and is for children in grades 1 to 6. Children must be accompanied by a parent or chaperone.