A Treasure from the 20s, 2006

The robust design of 42 Masterton Road, built by architect George H. Pohle in 1927, incorporates a turret, exposed beams, high ceilings and leaded glass windows. The tour proved to be a mini-education in the distinguishing hallmarks that constitute Art Déco, the style that dominated the 1920s and ’30s in both Europe and the United States.  The French interpretation of Art Déco is more luxurious and less streamlined, than American examples, such as the familiar Radio City Music Hall. At 42 Masterton, designs by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Paule Leleu and Jacques Adnet, among others, are carefully placed in an environment of rich colors — chocolate brown, claret red, inky blue — and innovative wall treatments — suede, Venetian plaster,  accents of gold leaf.  The result is an atmosphere of both elegance and comfort.

42 Masterton Road
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