Abijah Morgan House, 1999

In the organization’s inaugural year, more than 100 villagers strolled through the historic Abijah Morgan House, the oldest in Bronxville. Its location on the Old Post Road, the major area thoroughfare dating back to the 18th century, may have contributed to local legends that for years related its history to Gen. Washington and the Revolution, stories that appear to be fictional.

Although the front of the white clapboard house now appears as a single building with large open porch extending its full length, the original structure, built for quarry owner Abijah Morgan, is believed to have been the two-fireplace living room portion on the east side. Sometime between 1840 and 1860 the dining room with fireplace and the entry hall were added to the west side of the living room. For many years there were front porch-entry doors to each of these sections. One subsequent addition was made in the 1940s after World War II on the north (back) of the house — a kitchen with a master suite above. Recently the old garage was enclosed to make a large family room.

There have been 25 owners of the house. In 1937, Frieda Riggs, and her husband Arad, purchased the house and she lived there until her death in 1999, when she bequeathed the house to the Bronxville Historical Conservancy, its 23rd owner. Before selling the house, the Conservancy created restrictive covenants on the historical portions of the building to protect them in perpetuity.

Architect/Builder: Unknown builder for Abijah Morgan; rear addition by architect Lewis Bowman after WWII.

abijah morgan house
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