Architect Peter Gisolfi: Graceful Connections between Buildings and Landscapes

Architect Peter Gisolfi, whose concern for the relationship of architecture to its setting translates into graceful connections between buildings and landscapes, was the featured speaker for the Conservancy’s 2009 spring event. His lecture, “Finding the Place of Architecture in the Landscape,” included examples from his work in our village, most notably the recent library and Village Hall renovations.

Mr. Gisolfi used these examples as well as several other projects to illustrate his approach to design which includes the fundamental recognition that the most successful architecture will be creatively responsive to its natural and man-made setting. With Mr. Gisolfi’s engaging style and beautiful photographs, the audience learned how the various types of landscapes, broken into five categories including Townscape, Campus, Landscapes and Buildings, Gardens and Houses, and Transformation shaped his approach to each projects’ challenges. In the opening remarks for his book, Mr. Gisolfi states that, “Architecture, of all the arts, should be the most tied to its place.” His objective “to build something that belongs where it is and belongs to the people who use it” was perfectly illustrated during this special Bronxville Historical Conservancy event.

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