Legacy at Risk: Artists Homes and Studios

Stephen May, historian, preservationist and expert on historic art studios, visited Bronxville on October 27, 2002, a program organized by Conservancy member Eloise Morgan to share insights into Bronxville’s historic art studios, the artists who built them and the art work they created. Bronxville’s extraordinary collection of studios was built between 1894 and 1919. Scattered throughout Lawrence Park, these oversized spaces usually incorporate large northern windows or skylights and serve today as living or play areas or storage space. Bronxville’s surviving art studios include: 24 Prescott (William Henry Howe); 25 Prescott (MARY FAIRCHILD LOW and WILL HICOK LOW); 26 Prescott (WILLIAM SMEDLEY); 6 Lookout (Lorenzo Hatch); 8 Park (Herman Schladermundt); 28 Park (Milne Ramsey); 32 Park (Anna Winegar); 67 Park (Charles R. Knight); 55 Summit (SPENCER BAIRD NICHOLS) and 60 Summit (Max Bohm).

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