Nominations for The Bronxville Historical Conservancy Preservation Award

The deadline for submission is November 1. The project may be submitted any time after January 1.

Nominations for projects should include the following:

  • Name and location of project.
  • A complete list of project owners, architects, contractors, and craftspersons (including all contact information).
  • Digital images and supporting documents, fully labeled.
  • A one- to two-page narrative explaining the history of the project and why it deserves recognition, including the historical significance of the project and/or the way in which it reflects the unique character of the village; challenges overcome; unique strategies undertaken; impact of the project.

Nominations for individuals, organizations, and businesses should include:

  • A one- to two-page narrative of why the person or organization deserves recognition, including the category for which they are being nominated. Digital images and supporting documents are encouraged as appropriate; all must be labeled.


The project must be complete at the time of submission. Self-nominations are welcome. Projects submitted in prior years but not selected may be resubmitted. More than one award may be given in a single year if the Committee believes that multiple awards are appropriate. Conversely, there is no requirement that an award be given every year.

Submit Nominations to:

Bronxville Historical Conservancy
PO Box 989
Bronxville, NY 10708
Attention: Chair, Preservation Awards Committee

or email: CHAIR@B-H-C.ORG

Note: All digital images must be submitted by email in addition to print.