The Bronxville Journal Volume Three

Bronxville Journal
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Articles in Volume III of The Bronxville Journal, published in fall of 2004, ranged from those who were passionate about art to those who protested war.  Art Historian Meg Hausberg explored the relationship between Lawrence Park artist Otto Bacher and James McNeill Whistler.  Sarah Underhill, who grew up in Bronxville in the 1970s, revisited a poignant episode in the village’s past in “The Mothers’ March for Peace,” a protest against the Vietnam War.  Marcia Lee, former mayor of Bronxville, reflected on “When the Lawrence’s Left Bronxville,” the departure of the family whose name in the first half of the 1900s was almost synonymous with Bronxville.  And historian Marilynn Hill looked at village life in the mid-1800s by discussing medical practice and care in early Bronxville as recorded in several diaries of the period.

  • Art for the Village: Restoring Bronxville’s Artistic Legacy, by Jayne Warman
  • When the Lawrences Left: Turbulent and Perplexing Times in Bronxville, 1971-1974
  • Growing Up in Bronxville During World War II, by Eliot N. Vestner, Jr.
  • With Whistler in Venice: Recollections of Bronxville Artist Otto H. Bacher, by Meg Hausberg
  • The Vietnam Peace Movement in Bronxville: From Student Unrest to Mothers’ March, by Sarah Mollman Underhill
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The Bronxville Historical Conservancy was established in 1998 to further the understanding and appreciation of the history and current life of the Village of Bronxville, New York. The Conservancy furthers its mission through the presentation of programs, publications, lectures, and special events that foster an awareness of the Village’s architectural, artistic, and cultural heritage and lends its support for projects designed to strengthen and preserve those legacies.