The Bronxville Veterans Memorial Honors our Service Men and Women

THE BRONXVILLE VETERANS MEMORIAL website features a list of more than 1,500 men and women from the Bronxville area who have served or are serving our country today as well as a collage of historic photos from WW I and II. It also has an interactive search capability allowing users to look up individual names as well as sort by those who have served in a particular war or branch of service. Where available, veterans’ personal stories, photos and experiences are included. This interactive capability allows all generations to connect with their families,’ friends,’ and neighbors’ past.

The goal of Bronxville Veterans Memorial (BVM), which was founded in 2008 and financially supported by the Bronxville Historical Conservancy, is to help restore the original meaning to Memorial Day by honoring the local men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who have served and are serving our country today. This dedicated website is intended to serve not only as a remembrance but also as a thank you to all those men and women. For further information, contact Jane Staunton at INFO@BRONXVILLEVETERANS.ORG.

Bronxville Veterans War Memorial

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